Mr. Bob Fisher Chief Executive Officer MBA, PMP, ISP has 35 years business and information technology starting with 22 years with IBM Canada as a senior project consultant. He has provided consulting for major corporations, universities, governments as well as numerous other entities. He is an expert at identifying the objective and developing the strategy to achieve the necessary milestones on time and budget.

Mr. Howard Gunn Vice President Marketing has 40 years of Experience in IT development and marketing, product Management, Business Development and Corporate Strategy of Alcatel; VP/GM of GTE Networking Systems and has 10 years of experience developing high tech start-ups. Mr. Gunn has authored “Principles of Traffic and Network Design” for ABC’s of Telecommunications and “Basics of IPTV” for the International Engineering Consortium.

Dr. Ali Farmehr MA, PH.D V.P. Engineering Management and Operations Research has over 32 years of experience in the communications and program management sector. He brings extensive mathematical analytics and global experience in business development, strategic partnering, portfolio optimization, financial planning, risk analysis, product marketing and the management of large System Integration programs with Bechtel. He also supplies us with access to SMU and will attempt to arrange a joint venture SBIR project with them.

Mr. Steve P. Anderson has over 30 years of experience successfully implementing growth strategies in technology intensive business ventures such as Hydro feed (CEO), Vion Solutions (CEO), Telegauge-Systems (Pres. Ops), Waretronics Inc, (Director Business Development) Visual Intelligence Sources Inc. Mr. Anderson has established relationships with Megger, Kore Wireless, Orbcomm, Skywave, Enfora, Falcom, Laipac, AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, and many other related manufacturers and infrastructure services providers.

Mr. John McGinnis pursued an opportunity at DSC Corporation to start his next career in the cellular communications business. DSC, now Alcatel, manufactures new digital phone systems and was just starting to expand to cellular phone switches. During his tenure, he drove the process to convert their systems to UNIX based software. Mr. McGinnis left Alcatel to join the early stages of business development for a new cellular company called PrimeCo (a joint effort of NyNex, Bell Atlantic, US West and Air Touch). The company grew from the initial team of 7 to 2,500 employees, multi-building Headquarters campus, 13 regional offices, 2 call centers, multi-story data center, 40 stores and 10 million customers in 2 years. Shortly afterwards the company became Verizon Wireless.

Mr. Nino Caldarola Chief Technology Officer B.Sc has a bachelor’s degree in Science (Mathematics, University of Manitoba), and certification in Aircraft Engineering Technology (Ryerson Polytechnic, Toronto). Mr. Caldarola is a key member of our design team and has a wide variety of experiences in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design/Graphics including working with engineering & production on process & production line documentation, troubleshooting and efficiencies. He is presently a Professor at Red River College teaching Engineering.

Mr. Phillip Ciz Chief Financial Officer B.Com earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Mr. Ciz joined the finance company IAC Ltd. after graduating, which became the Continental Bank of Canada in 1980. Mr. Ciz finished his management training and became a Commercial Banking Officer, leaving the bank in 1982 to become a mortgage broker and then another year of commercial lending was spent with Commercial Credit Corporation. From 1986 Mr. Ciz worked as an independent financial consultant and held various executive as well as directorships for 5 public companies as well as working for Enterprise Group Inc. as a safety manager.