Revenue Model

Our primary customer is the smartphone, phablet, audio, set top box, smart TV, DVD buyer, gamer and busy software user who wants to use their devices to the best of their ability. We also appeal to the serious business user of mobile technology.

We are looking at a 25 dollar base model cost and 45 dollar wholesale giving the retailer a under 100 shelf retail price.

This is restart of a technology that has already sold hundreds of thousands at a 25 dollars cost and a 49 dollar wholesale in a much less costly market.

Cost of ownership over three years (extended warranty limit) at full retail cost including our extended warranty to any and all purchasers should be between $3-5 per month depending on the model purchased and retailer specials.

Marketing & Growth Strategy

Most of our target customers are heavy purchasers in the standard retail channels and have turned more to the internet to their sites and competitors like Amazon.

We plan to use the bricks and mortar sales and their online sites to help fuel the distribution into other countries and online shopping sites that can point to them.

We believe that a target of 2,000 stores is achievable within the first two year of operation and expand our focus in the preceding years.

We also plan to work with our retailers to bundle unique models with the mobile phone and service providers to increase sales which are not done by our competition.


The Ultimate Keyboard Company is a restart of its products in the marketplace that has grown significantly.

We come with the advantage of the knowledge of the first sales cycle and have this time developed subsequent new release models, enhanced usability and now work within five different market segments.

There is not and never has been a best selling pocketable keyboard other than ours nor a controller anywhere as playable and their target market has grown fifty fold and its market vendors have stagnated into releasing tiny incremental improvements to old designs.

Our competitors range from full size and compact vendors like Microsoft and Logitech to Chinese clones whose submissions are internet low price only and are not ergonomic, or hygienic, and far less versatile than ours.


Initially raise $500,000 in convertible notes to pay for valuation, research grant contribution, travel to retailers and wholesaler and prototypes.

Public offering of $2,500,000 in 120 to 150 days followed by a $5,000,000 secondary offering to complete the entrance into 2,000 retail stores.

Original technology $2,000,000 private and $3,000,000 through Tularee Capital and other sources. Control position bought out through private family trust.

What are your key Use of Proceeds (as % of total raise)
Internal Management…. …..$375,000 or 15%
Sales & Marketing ………….$500,000 or 20%
Technology Dev……………..$750,000 or 30%
Inventory and Placement…..$875,000 or 35%